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About the company (Hebrew)
Sagir International Translations, Ltd. is a Jerusalem-based firm specializing in professional and quick translations of scientific, legal, technical and economic material from English to Hebrew, Hebrew to English, and from these into 10 additional languages. Sagir is Israel's leading translation company. Sagir On-Line, Ltd. is a company subsidiary that specializes in translation and localization
of software and web sites.

Since 1990, Sagir International Translations Ltd. has translated books, articles, legal contracts, business plans, financial statements, software and web sites, technical manuals and various other publications in a variety of languages. During this time we have served thousands of satisfied customers. Additional details concerning projects that may be relevant to the material you need translated can be obtained as part of our price quote.

Translation fees
Sagir offers its clients the highest standards in translation and editing, but our rates are among the lowest in Israel. As soon as we receive details of the job, you will receive a price quote and an estimated time frame for its completion.

Other services
Thorough linguistic editing in Hebrew and English, as well as light editing and proofreading in these languages.
Office hours:
Sunday through Thursday,
9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

40 Leib Yaffe Street
Jerusalem 93390
P.O. Box 53058 Jerusalem 91530

Tel.: 972-2-5636222
Fax: 972-2-5636555
E-mail: sagirint@netvision.net.il

Company web sites:
www.sagir.co.il www.sagironline.com
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